Nigerian Governors Salary: How Much Nigerian Governors Earn Monthly

This is an Article on How Much Nigerian Governors Earn as their Monthly Salary for the Year 2017.

Nigerian Governors Salary: How Much Nigerian Governors Earn Monthly

For those of you who have been wondering on the exact amount state Governors in Nigeria earn at the end of every month here is a post that is going to give you just that. The salary of each state Governor in Nigeria might come as a shock to you giving the current economic situation of the country.

How Much Do State Governors In Nigeria Earn The Year 2017?

You cannot really ascertain the actual amount a state Governor in Nigeria takes home at the end of every month. There are so many benefits, and allowances which fluctuate monthly and also vary per state. Though the basic salary of all State Governors in Nigeria is the same all round the Federation.

Nigerian Governors earn N2.2 Million Naira Monthly as Basic Salary

Though, there are still other entitlements and allowances which states Governors in the country earn at the end of the month, quarterly and yearly. The figure can rise to as high as N5million per month.

Many Nigerians have called for a reduction in the basic salary and entitlements of State Governors in Nigeria as it is believed they are earning too much. With the current economic recession and fall in the value of the Naira it is believed that Nigerian public office holders should not be earning as much as that monthly.

As we all know not only the state governors in Nigeria earn millions monthly from the national treasury also other public office holders like Senators, Honourable of the house, president, his vice, commissioners, minsters and lots more earn huge salaries.

The Deputy State Governor In Nigeria Earns N2.11 million Naira per month as basic salary

State Commissioners In Nigeria Earn N1.33 million Naira monthly as basic salary

Though many have argued that it is not the salaries of the public office holders in the country that is the cause for the economic woes, some have stood with the claim that the system of government in Nigeria is to expensive and there is need for imminent restructuring.

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